Sunday, March 27, 2011

대전 유성에 가다( Trip to Yousung,Daejeong)

Toward Daejeon by bus

I went to Yusung,Daejeon city.
It was my first time in Yusung.
There are lots of  hot springs in Yusung town.

Tidy and big street

High-rise apartment buildings

Old town

Gap River

Kicthen of Old style

Someone are leaving,someone are arriving.

Stairs in Chungnam university

A Tree in Campus of Chungnam University

Spring is coming

Chung-nam Univ.

A Hot spring on the street (足湯)

A cosmonette

I remember that Daejeong is scientific city.
Actually,there are many Universities,laboratories and KIST!!
I saw a lots of students in the town as well.


I was able to meet my friend J.M who was my roommate in Japan 7years ago.

Then I found a man that she likes him.


It was a great trip.
I want to visit Daejeong again.

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